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's via watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high-definition. >> sounding off on the debt ceiling deadlock. next, details on the new gop plan that could be released later today. >> another police operation underway in norway. possibly connected to friday's deadly effects. why the bomb and shooting rampage may have been politically motivated. >> plus, life after don asked the hotel. all of professor here to talk about what is next for gay and lesbian servicemembers. it's 7:30 on sunday, july 24th. i am ann notarangelo. >> and ims a six. we have a lot of news to cover it not only law professor but also an
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error port specialist. >> someone who has been there and see the inside workings of the military to talk about how the repeal is going to affect the service. >> and state assemblyman coming in from fremont to talk about kaylee's law here in california. plus, the new plan and where it's going or not going. it's the latest on that story down in fremont? >> first in the news, nine days away from the debt ceiling deadline. >> today congressional leaders are trying to reach a deal before the nation defaults on its loans. house speaker jon weiner may announce a plan by this afternoon to head off negative effects that could happen when the asian markets open on monday. now, he's seeking a deal to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending by equal amounts. top democrats, including president obama, say they will not support a proposal that does not solve the debt ceiling problem through 2012. >> everyone is going to have to be willing to compromise, otherwise, we will never get anything done. >> the american people have long since said it had to quit
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spending money we don't have. >> white house and congressional officials say that several proposals are still being discussed. >> well, that's certainly an ugly mess. a lot of people are frustrated over the deadlock. congressman pete stark addressed concerns during a town hall meeting in alameda and yesterday. one of the people came -- one of the biggest worries was what would happen to programs that congress can't hammer out? >> a lot of people living on social security and that's all they have. >> i feel as if all of our representatives in congress are essentially addicted to money, and they are not aware of the actual impact on real people of their positions. >> a lot of people do not face in dc you -- do not have faith in dc lawmakers, but most agree that some sort of deal would be reached. >> whether that happens or not remains to be seen. the drama takes states -- takes
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stage on face the nation today. it starts at 8:30 right here on cbs 5. >> to day police are conducting an operation possibly connected in the attacks on friday that killed 93 people. that number could rise. survivors say there were two gunmen and police are still looking for a second suspect. there is one man already in custody. he will be arraigned tomorrow. >> this chilling picture from the air shows the accused gunmen in the middle of his deadly mission. the attorney for 32-year-old grebeck says his client has confessed to what he called the factual circumstances. the facts say authorities that a man dressed in a policeman uniform traveled to an island 20 miles from the capital to kill young people. witnesses say the shooter gathered hundreds of teenagers i think he was therefore routine terror drills. >> we had the screening.
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>> some head, some ram, others try to swim away or yet adrian pre- con, wounded in the shoulder, described the terror. >> it was being hit by bullets, just running. >> police say it took more than half an hour to get to the island. by then the gunman had held at least 85 people. it has rampage began earlier in downtown oslo. >> this is one of dozens of buildings damaged by the powerful car bomb that will set off a block and half away at the corner of that government office building. >> still coping with the aftermath of the actions leaving flowers on the street. >> why do you feel the need to be here? >> cause it's my country and i don't want to show that i'm scared to be here. i feel very sad about what's happening here. >> hundreds gathered for a memorial saturday night at the bomb site to
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mourn those lost. the prime minister said his country stands united. also, nor will -- cbs news. >> his lawyer said he wanted to bring about a evolution. the conservative party conference that he was a member of their youth party from 1999 to 2004. >> and here in california, three new suspects in the beating of giants fans will be in court tomorrow. this is 29-year-old luis sanchez and 30-year-old marvin nor would, both accused of beating up brian stow outside dodger stadium on opening day in march. officers also arrested during sanchez accused of driving them away from the scene. she, however, was released on bail. lapd's facing tough questions. for months it insisted that giovanni ramirez was the one who attacked him, but ramirez is
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being held on a profile asian. >> the kids came up there with her mother, and he had reached out with his hands to touch their hand. it's been pretty amazing. >> he suffered serious brain injuries when he was attacked in march. >> a late-night shooting in the east they left one man dead and another critically hurt. officers say someone fired at two men in richmond, a 20-year-old died at the scene. it happened on 24th street and exchange place around 11:00. investigators are checking to see if gangs may have been involved, but a police spokesman says it does not appear to be connected with other recent, nice -- other recent homicides. so far no arrests and no suspects. >> right now to teenagers behind bars in connection with the shooting that wounded an 11-year-old earl in sentences.
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she is in critical condition this morning following friday's shooting in the western addition. one of the bullets went through a window of an apartment and hit her in the chest. her family says she was having a sleepover with her cousin when i gunfire interrupted outside. >> energy out -- she ran out of her room saying, i've been shot. i sat her down and dialed 911. they were here in about three minutes. >> investigators say there was a fight before the shooting outside of that apartment building. the two men arrested are 18 and 19 years old. officers say the shooting does appear to be game related. >> and there is no information on the suspects allegedly involved in a failed robbery in police standoff in union city. it started with a 911 call about an introvert inside a home -- about an intruder inside the home. the homeowner or the sound of breaking glass. when officers got to the scene,
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they found a man who matched the intruders discussion. officers say they started shooting at him. no one was hit. the manhunt lasted about 15 hours as police searched for the suspects. residents were evacuated from their homes. eventually offices arrested the man. police identified the suspect as 18-year-old lamar the mock of union city. he's charged with attempted murder of a police officer, a fault with a firearm, and child endangerment. christopher gains is being held on an unrelated warrant. however, he's the subject of the investigation for the residential burglary as well. a four letter word with incongruous police. not guilty of five charges including the battery for lost your officers asked for his name when he was parked in san francisco bayview. they didn't believe his ripoll -- his reply.
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>> they didn't believe his name was chris christopher. interesting. a busy stretch of highway 101 is close tonight. a traffic alert for you. both northbound and southbound 101 between capitol expressway. it will be shut down for road work from midnight until 5:30 tomorrow morning. the work started three days ago. hundreds of gay lesbian couples heading to new york. today marks the first day that they can legally tie the knot in new york are you. >> gay-rights activists are out there. katie lambert and cheryl wrote were among the first to get married. where else, niagara falls. they have been together for more than a decade. new york is now the sixth and the largest date if i were to state to allow same-sex marriages. >> days ago we saw the end of the military don't ask don't tell policy.
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>> what can gay and lesbian service members expect customer we checked with professor hellman for more on that. >> and all hail the feast for the beast. >> at the door this morning, low clouds extending throughout the bay. , but there is a warm-up keeping in our direction. we will take a look at it before we come up in the complete forecast in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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house legend. the red vic movie house will close its doors for good tomorrow. that marks 31st birthday tomo >> more bay. headlines this morning. san francisco losing the movie house legend. the red vic will movie -- it actually marks the 31st birthday as well. the castro and roxie theaters are some of the new movie houses [. >> sunny skies shining down for the feast of the beast at the
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oakland zoo. visitors donated fresh produce to the animals, and they look like they enjoy it. about 250 guests actually got to go inside the elephant exposure and set up before the hungry hurricane inside. >> i don't off i would be signing up for that, but i am glad somebody did. >> i would, actually. jim, are you brave enough to face the beast? this is the question on sunday morning. >> i am here waiting to predict some sunshine for the beast feast this afternoon as we see cloudy skies throughout the day here this morning as the low cloud deck moves into and throughout the region. this shot always makes me want to back up a few steps. as we look out across the bay, more low clouds and fog this morning. visibility mostly clear up there. you can see to the golden
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gates. you see the fog was quite an inland presentation here this morning as it is extending into the inland valley, which means it will be slow to go this afternoon. we will look for more sunshine across the region are you again, it's going to be a slow creep back to the beach by midday. and in the foggy while clouds will probably linger. we can expect temperatures across the interior much like yesterday as we look for partly cloudy skies becoming clear this afternoon. continued to mild temperatures. fogg giving away to afternoon sunshine and mostly foggy at the beach. probably all day long from the looks of things. once again, this will continue. we do have a cooler air mass headed our way for tomorrow and through the of the week. look for that file back to thicken up here the next couple of days and linger a little longer through the day here. until the end of the week when we should see this pattern reversed and a little more sunshine and
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warmer temperatures moved into the. for the next several days, we look for slow clearing to the fog bank here through the afternoon hours to bring this partial afternoon clearing. lots of sunshine there. temperatures in the mid-to low '90s, even down into the triple digit as you head into the san joaquin valley. we will hang on some -- hang onto some fog. of course, it is another week of the california state fair where it will be 92 today, sunny and warm in the sacramento valley. as we look for mid-80s to prevail for the warmer spots, back into the east bay hills, mid-to low 70s, mid-to low 60s on the peninsula, and back to the beach as well fall of diminishing spare. as cooling trend continues into the beginning of the week of four we finally see a change in this pattern. we expect a return to near normal temperatures by the end of the week. that will put us back in the mid-to low '90s by next weekend.
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not a heat wave but a little warm up back to normal. >> okay. we didn't get your answer on the feast for the beast. >> sure, i would go in there. no problem. as long as there is no snakes. >> thanks, jen. we will check in a little bit later. don't ask don't tell is history in less than 60 days. president obama signed a notice to congress on friday effectively ending the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly. a sacramento man was one of several servicemembers discharged from the navy under the policy. it happened back in 2007. >> it is very hard to think of. the men and women who are not with us, it would be the fulfillment of my life to earn the uniform of an officer. >> that was joe toubro show you heard from. he is now hoping to become a beret corps officer -- become a marine corps officer.
7:47 am
what can we expect? elizabeth home and joining us live for more on that. >> thanks for being here this morning. >> glad to join you. >> is this position going to be immediate, gradual? and will people be allowed to come back into the military if they were either rejected or opted out? say that the last question is the least clear about who will be able to be readmitted if they were seeking to join. in 60 days for the first time we have an actual date for the end of the policy and the law that discriminated. that's a great thing for gay and lesbian service members. so we know onto territory for certification of the president signed last week will go into effect. what that means for servicemembers, i'd say it has been a gradual transition already. the reason is this has been changing for some time. right now even the ninth circuit has issued a restriction that prevents the military from investigating and discharging people even though the policy is still in effect. i think the transition has been agile, although the actual date
7:48 am
is a timber 20th. >> you were in the air force. >> i was. >> my question is, what was your experience? what effect do you think this they will have -- what effect you think this will have on the military culture? >> i was in the air force. i left under my own terms, although i left the service because i came out. i wanted to come out and be honest about who i was rated for many other servicemembers, the disclosures about whether they are gay and when people might think they are gay or lesbian, they don't come as a result of their own decision. it comes from somebody else. >> i want to hear a little bit about that. you were in the military for years and you were coming out at that point. what was that like emotionally for you? >> it's hard. i think -- my process of tying -- my process of coming out isn't tied to the military. we don't expect all sorts of people to suddenly march and state openly that they are gay or lesbian, because those decisions are
7:49 am
personal. the pressures are about their family, faith, friends, community. we will have a big legal change. that will certainly make a difference here. >> what other countries have this policy? >> well, we have very bad company really. no western countries have this sort of ban on open service by gays and was he and any longer. all of our sister nations who have joined the coalition forces have ended their bans on gay and lesbian service numbers. >> you were talking about repealing don't ask don't tell. there was a lot of talk with some of the higher up in the military about how this could affect the inner workings of the military. how is that even determined? are they talking to the guys on the ground? >> yes, yes. they did quite an extensive study. president carter over to group of some 68 people who worked for nine months and contracted with outside agencies to serve a 400,000 service members, have focus groups with
7:50 am
140 different groups around the country to make sure this wouldn't affect military readiness. so that part of the equation has been well taken care of. >> every other european country has already ended the ban. what effect does it have on their military? >> a collective shrug. really not much effect at all. military service is an arduous, difficult task for the servicemembers around the world. whether or not a service member is gay or lesbian has very little affect on how the servicemembers perform in most difficult situations. >> and one other question is, we are having the gay marriage debate in the united states. we have domestic partners. what will the status he is gay couples the military? >> so hard to tell. there is a definite collision, as your comment suggests. for instance, same-sex couples in the military won't be able to
7:51 am
live in military family housing right now unless something changes. that's what the room is expected to be as this plays out. spent thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> last night the giants bounced back against the brewers. >> and a losing streak against the yankees. how godzilla came to the rescue. we will have all of that coming up in sports next. ,,,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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will visit the white house tomorrow. they will be honored for their 2010 world series win. they were or >> president obama meets the beard. the san francisco giants visited the white house tomorrow will be honored for their 2010 world series win. that is some footage we can't see enough of. they were originally supposed to visit in april but president obama had to reschedule and the mayor is also going to be attending. winning efforts by both bay area baseball teams. >> and it is the hitting that helps the a's power themselves past the yankees. kim quayle is here with all the sports. kim? >> good morning, everyone. brianna vogel gave up two runs in five innings and improved to 8- 1. pitching may be the second-best count for this person. who's carlos beltran when
7:55 am
you've got this? 3-4 last night. he is now hitting 360 this month. the giants have a 2-1 lead. four no-hit a bad five hits needed. the giants beat the brewers 42. the a's mapped an 11 game winning streak for you career homer number 501. 34-year-old adele evans is one state away from winning his first ever tour de france. he and his yesterday's time trial with a 942nd lead. finally, the senior british open mark the lead after a triple bogey on 13. he regroups and birdies 18th took it back to seven under where he is tied for the lead. that's a look at sports. see you tonight at 5:30. >> all right. this week we saw the end of
7:56 am
nasa's shuttle program. >> next, we show you a bay. icon honoring another piece of history. >> and a new bill inspired by casey anthony are you a fremont assemblyman joining us in the next half hour explaining how will protect children. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap. >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high
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definition. >> no deal on raising the debt ceiling. frustrations by bay. residents, and a possible plan on a gop leader. >> protecting children under a proposed law. from what assemblyman explain how it would hold itself accountable for their kids. >> and wedding bells are ringing for same-sex couples in the state of new york. welcome back to weekend early edition. the time is 7:59. it's july 24th. good morning. i am phil matier. >> and i am ann notarangelo. he a lot to talk about here in the next half-hour. including kaylee's law of that something we've seen proposed in several states, but it's happening here in california. >> and topping our news this morning, congressional leaders continuing efforts to try to reach a bipartisan agreement to raise the nation's debt ceiling. >> they are up against a deadline of august second last
8:00 am
approaching. hopefully an outline of the planet is here this afternoon. we could be seeing repercussions from the standoff as soon as tomorrow or yet he wants the deal to raise the debt ceiling and cut the spending by equal amounts. a lot of top democrats, including president obama, said he's not going to support up also but does not solve the debt ceiling problem until 2013. a lot of people let out their frustrations over the debt talks at a town hall meeting yesterday. >> a lot of people living on social security, and that's all they have. i feel as if all of our representatives in congress are essentially addicted to money. they are not aware of the actual impacts on real people of their positions. >> a lot of frustration there in the town hall meeting with congressman pete stark are you most of the people we talked to have some confidence that a deal will be reached by the deadline. >> meanwhile, extra security
8:01 am
planned in britain following the deadly attacks in norway. this is as it emerges. the suspect in norway opposed muslim immigration to europe. he may have pushed a manifesto online just before the attacks in which he killed 93 people. this picture from the air shows the accused gunmen on his deadly mission. police say man dressed in a policeman's uniform traveled to an island near oslo where he opened fire on young people attending a political camp. he hid and some ran the others try to swim away. >> bullets are just flying. seeing people getting hit by bullets, just running next to you, it's chaotic. >> police say the suspects ran page began earlier in downtown oslo when he's off a car bomb that damaged a number of buildings including government officers -- offices. the police are not ruling out
8:02 am
finding a second suspect areas than it closer to home. so far no arrests and no suspects in an east they shooting that left one man dead and another critically hurt. officer say someone fired a two man in richmond. a 20-year-old died at the scene. it happened outside some businesses at about 11:00 last night. investigators now checking to see if gangs were involved. this isn't -- this is the ninth murder so far in the month of july. oakley investigators dealing with another deadly shooting. it happened last night near the corner of oak air avenue and laurel road. police found one man dead in his car extends for another person to the hospital. officers are questioning a possible suspect in searching for others as well. the shooting happened just down the street from another murder last month. today we are getting our first look at the two new suspects in l.a. please custody in connection with the beating of brian stow. >> police say they've got a right in this time.
8:03 am
luis sanchez and marvin norway. officers also arrested during sanchez. she's accused of driving them away from the scene. we are learning a lot more about the attack. >> the case changed course and took a new path. >> the mayor of los angeles and its police chief now say they have the right suspects. luis sanchez, age 29, and marvin norway, age 30. both accused of really beating brian stow, a paramedic and father of two. a giants fan was left with brain damage after the attack outside dodger stadium on opening day. >> our goal is to find justice for brian stow. >> we now know how the risk is thought was. the l.a. district attorney on the complaint alleges the two men did cut and disable his tongue and put out an eye and split the nose, ear, and lip. the suspects live on a quiet cul-de-sac in a los angeles suburb. both men have a history of domestic violence, but friends are
8:04 am
shocked. >> i don't think he did it. he wasn't the type of person. whenever you would see me do something wrong, he used to tommy, don't do that. >> meanwhile, lapd cases tough questions. for months it insisted that the mayor is did this. >> in policing it is just as important to exonerate the innocent as it is to implicate the guilty. >> brian stow is still in the hospital. earlier this week he had emergency surgery, but today his sister told us over the phone that he's making good progress. >> his kids came up there with his mother, and he had reached out with his hand to touch their hand. so it's been pretty amazing. >> a third suspect in the case was arrested but released on bail. she's accused of being an accomplice. then tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> of course, we've been following the family's website for any progress. he was able to mouth his last name last week and try to give nurses of bums up sign, according to doctors
8:05 am
there. so we are hoping for a speedy recovery and we will continue to follow that case. wall street investors look ahead to a key report. >> the latest numbers on consumer confidence will be released tuesday. giving them a better idea about how americans feel about their financial future. they are also waiting on the latest government report on home sales. investigators waiting on the autopsy results in the death of grammy award winner amy winehouse. she was found dead in her london apartment yesterday. an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. the singer did struggle with substance abuse for years. she was 27 years old. >> we now pronounce you legally married. >> that was the sound of hundreds of same-sex couples marrying as they flocked to new york to tie their vows. today marks the first day they can legally tie the knot, and new
8:06 am
york is now the sixth and largest state to allow same-sex marriages. >> they wasted no time. looks like they were doing that at the stroke of midnight. >> and i believe it was at viagra falls. coming up, a new push to punish parents who fail to notify authorities when children go missing. >> we are going to talk with the co-author of a bill wanted by the disappearance and death of caylee anthony. her mother was recently acquitted of her murder. >> and a ship artifacts from the apollo program. >> this morning fog and low clouds extending throughout the day. it's going to be slow to burn off this afternoon. we've got a cool weather pattern coming your way for the beginning of the week are you there after it looks like we were not. i will have the details coming up next. ,,
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>> we see a low cloud deck extending throughout the day. it will give way to afternoon sunshine and temperatures continue. ,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire.
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that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. paid tribute yesterday to the apollo 11 lunar mission. today >> more headlines this morning. the uss hornet museum in alameda paid tribute yesterday to the apollo 11 moon or mission could today marks the 42nd anniversary of the hornet buzzing the state capital from the pacific ocean.
8:10 am
the hornet is actually the home to the largest collection of artifacts on the west coast. oakland zoo visitors said the animals are part of the and no fees for the bees. the first 250 guest walks inside the elephant enclosure and got to set up the spread before the hungry herd entered. 10 minutes now after 8:00. jim bernard has her weather forecast. pretty nice day out there yesterday. a little more today? >> not bad. low clouds will, once again clear out by mid-day. it leaves us with some afternoon sunshine. for most locations, maybe not at the beach, but the rest of us see some sun. temperatures will be close to where they were yesterday. looking out across the tri- valley, we see the edge of the cloud deck moving back to the west at this hour. that will continue. there is still plenty of clouds that will clear. it will be a slow burn off today. again, we will look for afternoon sometime.
8:11 am
taking a look at a lot of visible satellite image right now, that fog bank extends quite a ways inland. it will be slow to go here. we look forward to a retreat back to the beach, but i don't think it clears the beach lined leaving us with temperatures at the coast in the mid-to low 60s. maybe even a few opera 50s out there in the foggy or locations here. at bayside, we will see a stay into the mid-to low 70s. out across the interior, it looks like mid-80s to low '80s will prevail on the partly cloudy conditions this morning. as i mentioned, classic summer pattern for the bay. a subtle fluctuation in our onshore versus offshore flow. we are looking at cooler air headed our way for tomorrow, which will hang in here probably through midweek before we look for a one-off into next weekend. so with a low cloud deck in the coastal air-conditioning working its magic, we are looking for any -- we are not looking for any heat
8:12 am
waves here, unlike the west of the country which has been faltering. as we see the low cloud dreck gradually shrink, we can expect sunny conditions with temperatures very close to where we were yesterday. it's still below normal for this time of year. we will find normal to choose the central valley. even triple digits in the san joaquin valley. sunny over the marlins as a springtime snow melt continues. still some snow in the high country but not at the state fair where it will be sunny and warm in sacramento. for us across the interior, we look for mid-to low '80s today great east bay, mid-to low 70s. on the peninsula, mid-60s with 60s expected at the beach. we will continue with this gradual cooling here into the beginning of the week which will hold until midweek, and we should see the pattern change with a little more sunshine and warmer temperatures back to near normal levels by next
8:13 am
weekend. you've got to love this air conditioner while it continues to work here as we are quite cool for this time of year. compared to what is happening elsewhere, that's a good thing. >> certainly. much appreciated. >> california assembly members considering a bill is fired by caylee anthony that would punish adults who fail to quickly report a child's disappearance or death. >> or are still her bills pending in at least 17 other states. assemblyman and co-author of 801432, bobble cost he joins us. good morning from fremont. first of all, this bill, it is certainly on a lot of national attention. is this something that's needed, or are we reacting to the latest news that's going out? >> i think people were shocked or didn't understand that somebody could -- a parent could not report a crime that of china -- that a
8:14 am
child died from a crime being committed and that's not reported. they just think that they should have to report and have the obligation as a guardian to report the death of a child. so that's the key to it. also, it punishes the periods. >> is that something you think would sway somebody from not reporting. obviously, there's quite a situation if they have a missing child or a child is passed away. but it went to be sitting there thinking about, this law just passed, i'm going to get in trouble if i don't report it. would that even be an issue? >> r chavez legislators are to set some standards. we set all kinds of standards of how we want people to react. hopefully, somebody will wake up within a 24 hours or 48 hours. >> i want to pull this back to still little bit. there isn't a law already on the books that says if there is a death that you don't immediately have to report it? what does it stand at right
8:15 am
now? it seems like that's common sense. >> and that's what i think. it's a commonsense report. right now you don't have any duty. we talk about duties that people have. it is no duty to report the death of a child. it's not a crime. a child is dead, you don't have to tell anybody. if casey anthony was here in california, one days, two days, three days, it doesn't have to be reported. even if you are suspicious. so it is one of these holes that occurred. i didn't write the laws before i got there in sacramento. that's just what it is. i was also surprised. and that is what has prompted me and holly mitchell to introduce a legislation to say that's got to be against the law for people to do nothing or you. >> is there any allowance for mental elements? >> the old yes. -- oh, yes. >> is amazing that something like that could happen and you wouldn't be duty bound to report it. but the missing part of it, now
8:16 am
if a child goes missing, sometimes people have custody situations or they think there is someone else. could someone be charged when, in fact, someone was at their sister's house and they work? cmac i don't think so. the misdemeanor is that if you knowingly know that the child has disappeared -- and we are going to have hearings on the bill. that's part of the legislative process. we don't want people -- we understand in modern society, you think your 13-year-old is at your axis house and they may be over at your odds. kids stay over another friends house when they are in 8th grade. we'll want to criminalize that, but if we think there is a crime that may have been committed, that's the key. you knowingly think that a crime is being committed, then you've got to call authorities because we know the authorities talk about cold cases. that first 48 hours, they can hopefully find a child. >> we want to switch gears and talk about the new plan.
8:17 am
we have about a minute left. >> what is the latest customer we've been covering that story for quite a while. the closing of the plant, the laying off of the workers, the search for someone. >> the facility has been purchased and have been working with partners with toyota. they are going to be making the chassis, and they've also got a deal with the battery production. hopefully, in fremont and in northern california we are going to have another line of electric cars being produced. next year they are going to start producing the f car which is their sedan, a $40,000 electric car. so they are going to come up with a big announcement of how many people they are going to start hiring soon. >> the people laid off last time, are the first in line? >> of already be hired many folks. they are able to choose between
8:18 am
5000 people that were there, and probably at the max they are going to be in the 1200, 1500 employees at the plant. it's exciting for all of the electric car purchasers in northern california. >> and for those lucky enough to get a job. i want to thank you for coming in. we will keep eye on what happens with kaylee's law. thank you very much. >> the new gay pride celebration in castro valley. >> next, how social media transform the event from a simple affair to one very big party.
8:19 am
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8:20 am
the first-ever castro valley pride rally. yesterday's event also >> hundreds of people in alameda celebrating the first overall castro valley pride valley. they also had a handful of protesters, but that didn't dampen the spirit. three teenagers organized this event. they started organizing the rally
8:21 am
about a month ago. they expected a small, simple gathering but word spread fast on facebook and hundreds of people showed up. a group that helps rescue marine mammals celebrating a big milestone with a contest. >> and patrick has a little piece on the organization achievements and how you can help play a role. patrick? >> we have recently rescued our 10,000 california sea lion. >> a new member of the family. the number 10,000, a rescue in need of a name. >> right now he is under medication. he is eating well. >> on friday the 111 pounder pulled himself out of the water and stay there. >> after a few days when animal didn't return to the water naturally, the medical staff determined that he did, indeed, need to be rescued. >> you heard about that huge floating island of garbage out in the pacific. this represents it. and this stuff is what is making these animals sick.
8:22 am
>> they are ocean traps. changes in their environment that are affected that happen ultimately because we change our environment. >> contest online, but there are plenty of opinions already. >> what would be a good name? >> is it a boy or girl? >> lucky is a good name that he got rescued. >> hairy. >> whatever he is eventually named, the point is to raise awareness. >> we do hope that he survived so we can get him in the wild. >> cbs 5. >> and you can enter the marine mammals website at a turning choice. we have a link online. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:23 am
8:24 am
work continues in washington on a reaching a debt agreement. stay -- >> taking a look at the weekend. >> work continues in washington on reaching a debt agreement. house speaker john weiner in
8:25 am
weiner may announce a plan to raise the debt ceiling by this afternoon. >> a stretch of u.s. 101 between capitol expressway and the 28680 connector in the san jose. that's going to shut down tonight. northbound and southbound lanes closed from midnight to 5:30 tomorrow morning. >> and the san francisco giants will be stopping by the white house tomorrow. where they will be honored for their 2010 world series win. mayor ed lee and former mayor willie brown will also be attending, which is why the former mayor was not here this weekend. and meanwhile, speaking of washington, but that drama is going to take center stage today on face the nation. >> what else question the up schieffer interviews the white house chief of staff along with the senate majority in the minority with the leaders of the senate gang of six joining the conversation. that's when to be real interesting to hear from them. they've come up with their own proposal that's been largely
8:26 am
ignored. that's on face the nation starting in a few minutes they hear on cbs 5. >> all right. talks are heating up in washington. what do we have here in the bay. , jim? >> continued mild condition as we are in the compromise. a little easier out here. what washington dc in the upper '90s as the heat wave continues for much of the east while we languish under the clouds keeping our inland temperatures in the mid-8 0s. quite comfortable here. you notice the low cloud deck a bit elevated today. i'm not calling it fog as we got pretty good visibility under that cloud, it is extending quite a ways inland as we see from the visible satellite imagery this morning. it will gradually retreat to the beach and there it will claim through the afternoon keeping those coastal temperatures in the low 60s here as we will expect this cool and mild pattern to continue into the beginning of the week, but come the end of next week, we could expect high pressure to build into the. a little more sunshine and a gradual return to near normal
8:27 am
temperatures across the region which will take us back into the mid to low '90s here by next weekend. not a heat wave but a little warm up, nonetheless. >> warm-up in summer make sense to me, although this is the bay. >> thanks, jim. san francisco is going to lose a movie house legend if you want to check it out, you've got about 24 hours left. the red vic movie house will close for good tomorrow. that actually marks its 33rd bird day. a very tough business these days competing with the big theaters. >> that's right. it's not just in san francisco, but there are new movie theaters popping up. some of the small ones double up.
8:28 am
meanwhile, stepped outside today. it doesn't look like it's too bad. >> check this out. hundreds of snowboarders still hitting the slopes. at the end of july, some 66 feet of snow fell at the resort this season are you this the latest opening ever for the latest scheme for any s-sierra resort being august 13th. that happened back in 1995 at mammoth. we will see if we can beat that record this year. certainly had a lot of snow. >> and that's the result from higher lakes around as well are you very interesting. water sports and snow sports still happening. well, i guess that the four are weekend early edition. i want to thank you for joining us. >> face the nation is coming up next. the debt ceiling talk on the front of everyone's mind. next on cbs 5 in our next news caps coming up at 5:30. enjoy the rest of your weekend. ,,
8:29 am
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